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IAPP Certifications 
Putting Privacy Law and policy to work.

The IAPP offers the most encompassing, up-to-date and sought-after global training and certification program for privacy and data protection.

Their various certification programs help organizations around the world bolster compliance and risk mitigation practices, and arms practitioners with the insight needed to add more value to their businesses.

Four Elite Data Privacy Certifications

Offering IAPP data privacy certification training across the United States, our instructors bring real world corporate and military data privacy experience to the classroom.  Select from CIPP United States, CIPP Government, CIPM and CIPT.

CIPP-Certified Information Privacy Professional United States

The CIPP United States training provides the best opportunity to learn about critical privacy concepts that are also integral to the CIPP/US exam.  This is training that is suited for professionals who plan to certify, as well as those who simply want to equip themselves and deepen their privacy knowledge.

CIPP-US Course Outline
CIPM – Certified Information Privacy Manager

The CIPM is the world’s first and only certification in privacy program management. When you earn a CIPM, it shows that you know how to make it privacy regulations work for your organization. You will establish yourself as the go-to person for day-to-day operations when it comes to privacy.

CIPM Course Outline
CIPP-Certified Information Privacy Professional Government

The very first privacy certification for government employees, suppliers, vendors and consultatns.  CIPP-G demonstrates that you have a deep knowledge of U.S. government privacy laws, regulations an dpolicies specific to government pratice.

CIPP-G Course Outline
CIPT – Certified Information Privacy Technolgist

The CIPT credential establishes and verifies your knowledge and skill around comprehensively building your organization’s privacy structures.  Regulators worldwide are seeking technology professionals that have added data privacy training in to their arsenal of expertise.

CIPT Course Outline